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Life Groups

What are Life Groups?


Life Groups are smaller groups of people, generally 10-15 that meet in homes.  Life Groups help build more significant relationships within the church body and to further study God's Word.  Life groups make it easier for new people to connect with others in the life of the church.  It's a way to create a sense of belonging, of community and to grow deeper relationships with one another. We typically don't like to share things with a large group of people, but are willing to be more vulnerable within a smaller group that we learn to trust.  It's creating a smaller family within the church body where people learn to care for one another on a daily basis.


When do Life Groups meet?


We meet on Sunday evenings.  There are different times depending on the Life Group.  We have seven life groups that meet in people's homes and one that meets here at the church building at 4 PM. There are different Life Groups relative to demographics and age.


How long do they last?


Generally, it's 1-2 hours depending on the Life Group.  Most of the Life Groups also have a time of fellowship after wards by eating together.  It's another way to learn and grow closer to one another.

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