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Here is our upcoming worship order. If you don't know a song, we have added links so you can listen to it before hand. We will add sheet music if applicable. Also you can get to know our amazing praise team and see who sings which part, to help you better find your part. *Worship orders will be updated by Thursday. If any questions arise, please contact Aaron.


Every Prais

Gratitude   track pdf

The Lord's Prayer (It's Yours)  pdf

Same God pdf


April 22th, 2024

Victory In Jesus

* Prayer: Andy H


* C2W: 

Battle Belongs to The Lord

Just As I Am(I come Broken)  pdf

* Thanksgiving Meal: Alan S

* Giving: (new song: Same God pdf)

Build Your Kingdom Here  pdf

Battle Belongs  pdf

God So Loved  pdf

* Sermon: Brian M ( "IF" -Possibilities)

Our God  pdf

 Never Let Me Go

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