Life Group Questions
Lesson 3 - You Shall Have No Idols
January 24, 2021


First Impression…

          We are in the dead of winter but spring is just around the corner.  What are you looking forward to most about the change in season?


Read The Text…

          Exodus 20:7

  • Retell this passage in your own words.

  • What do you learn about God from this passage?

  • What do you learn about people from this passage?

  • What does the word “guiltless” mean in this passage?


Talk It Over…

  1. Read the events of Leviticus 24:10-23 and retell the story in your own words.  Why do you think God took this sin so seriously?

  2. What does it mean to take God’s name in vain?

  3. What does it mean to honor the name of God?

  4. What does Philippians 2:9-10 teach you about the name of the Lord?

  5. It is very common to hear people in our society take God’s name in vain.  Why has this become so common?   What are some ways we as Christians can give honor to God’s name?

  6. In practical terms, why is it so dangerous for us, as Christians, to use God’s name in trivial ways? 

  7. List things that you believe should be considered and treated as holy?