Life Group Questions
A Better Way of Life
A Stand Alone Sermon
November 14, 2021

First Impression…

Share a story from your Thanksgiving week.

Read The Text…

Psalm 73

  • Retell the passage in your own words.

  • What do you learn about God from the passage?

  • What do you learn about people from this passage?


Talk It Over…


1. When do you most often catch yourself saying life’s not fair? Why do you think that is?
2. What does this phrase mean to you, “Life’s not fair, but God is good.”?
3. When have you seen God turn something from bad to good? Why is it so hard to remember this during struggle?
4. What are some ways this holiday season that you can help be generous with people around you?
5. Share how you used or plan to use your $10 blessing.