Life Group Questions
Questions Jesus Asked
"Why Do you Call Me Lord?"
April 11, 2021


First Impression…

It’s Cardinal’s Sunday.  What is your favorite sport and who is your favorite team?


Read The Text…

Luke 6:46-49

  • Retell the story in your own words.

  • What do you learn about God from this passage?

  • What do you learn about people from this passage?


Talk It Over…

  1. When Jesus is given the title Lord, what does this say about your relations to Him?  Consider Matthew 28:18.

  2. What do you think Jesus meant when He said, "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven”?  (Matthew 7:21)

  3. Why would someone call Jesus their Lord but not live like it?

  4. In Luke 6:46-49 Jesus gives us a way of knowing whether or not He is the Lord of our lives.  What is that way and how have you seen it manifested in your life?

  5. Why would a person build a house on a faulty foundation?

  6. What truth do you find in the following story?

A businessman once told Mark Twain he intended to visit the Holy Land before he died in order to climb Mount Sinai and read The Ten Commandments aloud.  “I have a better idea,” Twain said.  “You could stay here in Boston and keep them.”