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Here you can see what is usually going on during the week. For more information on what classes are being taught you can go to our Education page. Also for more info on other ministries mentioned please refer to out ministries page.

9:00 AM - Class
9:40 AM - Fellowship

10:05 AM - Worship
6:00 PM - Simple Suppers (Suppers have stopped for summer)
7:00 PM - Class
Life Groups


Most of our life groups meet Sunday afternoon and evening, but for a full list of days and times you can go to our Life Group page for more details. 
Thursday School


Kids ages 3-preK can come every Thursday 9-11am during our spring and fall semesters.  For a list of exact dates, how to enroll, and more information you can go to the Thursday School Ministry page.


Here are some of the awesome upcoming events at our church. Remember that the teens have an entirely different section for their events, that you can get to by clicking here.

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