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At Vaughn Hill we have many different ministries to be a part of.  We are a church that takes pride in the many different gifts and talents our members have, and find ways to use those gifts to glorify God.



This is anything and everything pretaining to our Sunday morning worship.  This includes praise team, prayers, communion talk, and more.  It is a great opportunity to bring people to the throne room of God.

Life Groups


Life groups are smaller groups that meet in peoples homes at different times.  This gives people the chance to go deeper in their faith, build authentic relationships, and have some wonderful fellowship.

Adult Education


We have classes before worship for everyone.  There might only be a couple classes going on at one time, but we have had a variety of classes from beginners class to deep biblical studies, womens classes, and general classes.  We cover a variety of topics.



We always are wanting to be inviting to new friends and visitors, so we have two great ministries for both meeting guest as they first arrive and then for keeping up with them after their first visit.



As a church we want to be there for all our families and provide ways for them to have fun and fellowship with others.  We have multiple events throughout the year for fun and fellowship.



Even a church has to deal with bills, balancing the check book, and budgets.  We are so thankful to have those at our church who our gifted with numbers and economic skills, to keep us being able to do everything we do.



Floors don't clean themselves and we try to make sure that our building is clean and in working order.  Also making sure that the flower beds look nice and playground is safe.



The church is blessed to have it's own bus, which we take advantage of as much as possible.  We are always looking for those willing to get their CDL or who could help keep the bus up and running.



This ministry is for teens who are in the grades 6th-12th.  This gives them classes and events geared toward things they would like.  All the time looking at how awesome God is in thier lives.



This covers kids from babies-5th grade.  We have an excellent nursery for those kids 0-2 called Seedlings, and classes for kids 2yr-5th grade through Sprouts and Kids Community.  There is also a kids worship for all of them. On top of that we have a couple events throughtout the year.



In a world of technology we have to be up to standard with audio and video, to social media and website.  We try to use media in a way to make communication easy and more importantly by finding yet another way to share Chrsit with those we might come in contact with.



We have multiple missions both local and across the world.  Some we support through financial needs, others through donations, and even others through trips and active participation.  It is a great way to give back to our community.



For all of our seasoned members and guest we have a ministry called Jolly 60's.  They have days they study together plus events throughout the year, where they get out and have fun.

Thursday School


Our free 2 hour preschool on Thursdays offered to kids age 3-5.  It has two sessions in fall and spring and is 9-11am.  Always looking for helpers for the over 20 kids that come on Thursdays.



As a church we realize that there will always be those in need, and we do our best to serve those who are in need to the best of our ability.  We also partner with those who can help us do even more than we ever could.

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