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                Although not always known as Vaughn Hill, we have been in existence for more than 90 years.  In 1929, T. L. Adcock came to the area to work.  There wasn’t a church of Christ and so he opened his home as a meeting place and encouraged his friends to invite others. 


                With God’s blessings and through member outreach, the church quickly out grew the space.  The church built its first meeting place at 13th Street and Madison Avenue in Wood River. Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the congregation outgrew that building and within a few years moved down the street to Central and Madison Avenues.  The church continued to grow, the building was expanded and the name Central and Madison became known throughout the area as a friendly, active, Bible-believing church.  Two services were required to accommodate the crowd! Since the building was in a residential area, expansion was limited and parking was a problem.  In 1966, the church purchased fourteen acres and constructed a new building.  That building was destroyed by fire in 1983 and the present building was completed in 1986.

                Vaughn Hill has been a leader in many evangelist efforts; such as, organizing two St. Louis Area-Wide Campaigns for Christ, hosting a television program on a St. Louis station, hosting a 9/11 ten year anniversary featuring Colonel Oliver North, taking the lead in flood relief efforts (distributing over 1 million dollars in the Great Flood of 1993), and from 1972 to 1980 directing one of the largest bus ministries among churches of Christ.   In recent years, we have been blessed to serve the community by having a Trunk or Treat event, hosting a community Thanksgiving Meal, and serving through various programs and ministries. 


                  Over the years, the Vaughn Hill Church has been blessed with opportunities to spread Good News throughout the Riverbend.  We have been blessed with dedicated preachers, competent leaders and a faithful, hard-working body.  There have been setbacks and disappointments, but with God’s help, we weathered each storm, and we know God will bless our future efforts as we glorify Him by loving as Jesus loves to bring hope, healing, and transformation to the Riverbend.


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