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Online Giving

At Vaughn Hill we worship God by giving God the first fruits of our income to express both thanks and trust. We seek to honor God as we give joyfully, generously, sacrificially, and dependably.

Thank you for choosing the online-giving option.

Inclement weather, travel seasons, and community emergencies can be challenging times for church budgets (and treasurers).  By giving online, you will help Vaughn Hill be more efficient in sustaining ministries and paying bills.

Please note that there is a convenience fee to give online that is charged to the church. You do have the option to cover the fee if you choose.


2.9% + $0.30/transaction for Credit/Debit Card payments

1% + $0.25/transaction for ACH payments (Electronic Check)

Completely Free for Direct Deposit (To learn more contact Wilma)

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