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Senior Ministry

The purpose of the senior ministry is to honor, encourage, and support those members who have given so much to the work of the church, our senior members. Our goal and desire is to make every effort to be supportive in time of need, to render service to those who may require assistance, and to help all of us draw closer to each other and God.


Nelson Montague is the Ministry Leader over it. He helps plan trips and services, and is always ready to find help for anyone as the needs arise with our seniors. He has a loving heart, and a wife that does just as much for the ministry.



Jolly 60's


This is probably the biggest thing the senior ministry does.  Every third Tuesday of the month they get together at the church building at 11PM, and have a bible study.  Afterwards they go out to eat somewhere.  It is always a great time of fellowship and faith. 


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