Children's Ministry

Children are an important part of Vaughn Hill’s family. We strive to create an environment for children to learn about Jesus and to experience the love that He taught. Our Kid's Ministry is a new and growing ministry for our family. The ministry provides the opportunities for children to be involved at their own level.  We have classes throughout the year, along with events they will enjoy.




Kid's Community

Our Kid's Community is made up of kid's from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Kids in this program will experience an amazing rotation style curriculum, where they will learn stories in the Bible through different worskshops.  One week they might have art and the next week cooking. Each workshop strengthens the story they are being told with amazing hands on activities to help them learn.  Along with workshops, kids will also experience a shepherding time, kid's worship, interactive storytelling, and more.

Sprouts (preschool ministry)

Sprouts is for kids 2 through preK.  Preschoolers love coming to class and worship as they get to experience God and faith at their level.  They'll sing and dance at worship time, and have fun interacting with the story.  Another great thing that the sprouts have is their own sheperding time, where a couple takes time to build relations with the kids and pray over them.With art, snacks, circle time, and more they will have non stop fun as they learn about Jesus.  

Seedlings (nursery ministry)

Seedlings is for ages 0 through 2.  We believe that it's never to early to get your kids to class to hear the wonderful news that Jesus loves them, and just as important we want to offer a place where your babies are safe and loved.  For the most part babies are loved on as they are watched and allowed to play and interact with others, however we do have time during class where we start them off with simple things like God loves you and God made animals.